Tiffany Prescription Glasses

Women in the Texas Panhandle looking for a little Hollywood glamour in their lives can find it at Broome Optical in Amarillo. Broome Optical offers a great selection of fashionable eyewear. Eyewear designed by Tiffany and Company is one of the choices. Tiffany and Company eyewear offers a timeless look. They are the perfect accessory for women who dress well.

Tiffany and Company was founded by Charles Tiffany and John Young. They dreamed of building a popular jewelry empire and eventually succeeded. Tiffany gifts are well-known. They are wrapped in an iconic bird’s egg blue box and tied with a white ribbon. These gifts signify high class and sophistication. Tiffany is well-known around the world for their brilliant diamonds and jewels. As they have grown, Tiffany has diversified. They now offer beautiful, quality eyewear options.

Each of Tiffany’s signature glasses and frames are designed for women seeking more than just a pair of glasses. They offer an air of sophistication and classic style to everyday eyewear. Not just typical eyeglasses, Tiffany eyewear is more of an accessory. Tiffany glasses and frames are made in Italy. They utilize a variety of materials. For example, the “Return to Tiffany Love” line utilizes an exclusive color inspired by Rubido. The gold, silver and copper alloys are unique to Tiffany glasses. Steel and sterling silver options may be embellished with rhinestones. No matter the material, the Tiffany and Co. label signifies the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. In addition, Tiffany glasses include signature Tiffany markers. The Tiffany heart can be found at the temple of the frame. Some glasses include the Tiffany key or some sparkly jewels to embellish the arms of the frames. In addition, frames can include variations of the traditional Tiffany blue. All glasses and sunglasses include signature embellishments. Tiffany ensures that embellishments are evenly set and well matched, much like each piece of jewelry.

A variety of classic styles are available. Perhaps the most iconic Tiffany glasses are their cat-eye frames. Black frames are modern, yet classic. Rectangle frames offer a more glamourous look. Aviator style glasses are updated with textured frames. Round, tortoise or mother-of-pearl frames offer a more modern look. Oval frames are timeless and classic. Tiffany offers rimless styles as well. With a well- tested history of excellence, Tiffany offers glasses of the highest quality. Their styles are sophisticated, graceful and classic.

To find the biggest selection of Tiffany eyewear in the Texas Panhandle, visit Broome Optical. The eyewear professionals can help you find the best style and fit. Subtle embellishments denote Tiffany’s history of excellence and add sparkle and class. Everyday eyewear becomes eye jewelry in the hands of Tiffany craftsmen. Broome Optical has Amarillo’s most glamourous selection of timeless Tiffany eyewear.

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