Ray Ban Prescription Glasses

American classics such as “Rebel Without a Cause,” “The Blues Brothers,” and “Top Gun” all share a common factor: Ray Ban Sunglasses. Ray Bans were originally designed for pilots to reduce sun glare without causing interruptions in vision. Today, Ray Bans are statement glasses that offer affordable and fashionable design. Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas offers a wide selection of Ray Ban sunglasses and glasses.

Ray Ban first made sunglasses. Today the company offers regular glasses for men, women, and children. Their regular eyewear line follows the same classic shapes and designs as their sunglasses. Impact protection and durability add to Ray Ban’s popularity. Perhaps the most iconic and well-known style of Ray Ban sunglasses is the Aviator. This Tom Cruise style of glasses is the original Ray Ban. Aviators are available with trendy colored lenses. However, the wide, black lens offers a more sophisticated look. Aviators flatter all face shapes and are available for men and for women. They offer a streamlined, sleek look.

The Wayfarer style of Ray Ban glasses are classic Hollywood style glasses. James Dean wore these square-shaped frames in “Rebel Without a Cause” in 1955. Iconic Wayfarer glasses are classically black, square frames. Today they are made in a variety of colors, including tortoiseshell.

Ray Ban sunglasses are polarized to reduce the sun’s glare. Aviators and Wayfarers offer polarized options. In addition, other styles of Ray Bans are polarized. Traditional wide lens in classic designs look sleek and modern. More sporty and active options with wraparound lenses are also available. Wrap around lenses flatter all wearers, offering sleek fashion and cutting-edge sun protection.

The introduction of regular eyeglass frames in 2003 allowed Ray Ban fashion to move indoors. These sturdy frames are made from durable plastics. Most plastic frames are offered in a variety of rectangle shapes. They flatter all face shapes. Rounded shapes can be found in plastics, but metal provides a sturdier round frame. The children’s line is especially popular because of the frame’s durability and safety features.

Ray Ban sunglasses offer one hundred percent protection against ultraviolet rays. With UV protection and timeless design, Ray Bans remain a top choice in sunglasses apparel. With classic glasses frames now available, Ray Bans are not limited to outdoor wear. They bring high fashion and durability into everyday wear.

Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas offers a wide variety of Ray Ban sunglasses and glasses frames. They are available to work with you to find the best fit and the most flattering look Ray Ban has to offer. Broome Optical professionals will cater to your inner Tom Cruise by fitting you with a classic pair of Aviators. If you prefer, they will help you show off your Hollywood diva style with a pair of Wayfarers. Broome Optical provides the expertise to help you choose the best style, fit, color, and design for your busy lifestyle. For the most fashionable and reliable eyewear in Amarillo, visit Broome Optical.

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