Prescription Glasses

Broome Optical has a wide selection of glasses to choose from. Whether you prefer exploring the great outdoors or burying your nose in a good book, it’s important to find a set of glasses that complements your lifestyle.

Frame Materials

Frame material plays a big part in the glasses search. Frame materials for most glasses are compounds of plastic or metal. However, if you have skin allergies, look for glasses made from stainless steel or titanium in order to prevent contact dermatitis.

Lightweight materials and improved nose pad designs contribute to improvements in the comfort and fit of glasses. For example, silicone nose pads can keep glasses from slipping down the face and are so soft and lightweight that most people hardly notice or feel them.

There are highly flexible glasses frames as well as spring hinges available. Both of these features significantly reduce the risk of breakage for those active glasses wearers.

Some glasses have pieces that can be snapped instead of screwed into place for those who wish to mix and match different components for a single set of lenses.

Lens Types

Depending on your vision needs, there are several lens types on the market:

Bifocals: Standard bifocals have near and far ranges of vision. The distance zone is in the upper half of the lens while the near vision zone is in the lower half. The two zones are marked by a visible line.

Trifocals: Trifocals have three vision zones: near, immediate and far. Many people purchase custom made trifocals that accommodate specific occupations and lifestyles.

Progressive lenses: Most people prefer progressive lenses over bifocals and trifocals because progressive lenses give you the ability to focus at many different distances with no visible lines. This enables smooth, easy transition from one distance to another.

Reading glasses: Anyone can purchase reading glasses with or without a prescription. They offer single-vision lenses that heighten vision.

Tips For Shopping For Glasses

When shopping for glasses, consider your personal tastes, appearance and lifestyle in order to find the perfect pair for you. Take into account the following:

Face shape and coloring: Both the coloring and shape of your face impact the appeal of different glasses designs.

Not all frames work for all lenses: For example, progressive lenses are not a great option for small, trendy frames. Do you have a high prescription? Look for small symmetrical frames.

Online glasses: While online eyewear may be more affordable, it is generally considered best practice to try glasses on before purchasing.

Come into Broome Optical to select your new pair today. Our friendly opticians will be happy to help you find the perfect pair of glasses for your lifestyle.

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