Gucci Prescription Glasses

In 1921 a small store opened in Florence, Italy. The store specialized in leather goods and small baggage. Gucci has since been named as one of Forbes Magazine’s World’s Most Valuable Brands. In fact, Gucci is ranked number thirty-eight. Gucci is known far and wide for luxurious and fashionable items. Eyewear is among the accessories marked with the Gucci logo. Gucci recently relaunched the eyewear line by retiring prescription glasses and sunglasses made before 2016. In 2017, Gucci introduced new eyewear to pair with your Gucci wardrobe or to just make a fashion statement.

Gucci is known for high-quality craftsmanship with strong attention to details. Materials are chosen with great care to offer a wide variety. Prescription frames and sunglasses are created using thick and durable plastics. Some frames have a metal front with plastic temples. Gucci choses to use plastics to increase the options for shapes and colors in their eyewear. Because plastic is thicker, it is more visible than metal and offers brighter and more distinct color options for frames. They have even created frames that incorporate the signature red and green stripe Gucci is famous for. Most Gucci frames are rectangular in shape. Some have hard corners and others have more rounded corners. Gucci favors angles in many designs. Their eyewear is a compliment for other Gucci branded items. Women’s eyewear is available in traditional cat-eye shapes. Besides the rectangular shape Gucci is known for, women can also find oval or round frames. Many Gucci frames are embellished with jewels or adornments at the temple. Men’s eyewear offers divers versions in framing. They can be found in full-frame glasses as well as semi-rimless and rimless frames.

Gucci eyewear is sophisticated. Details range from soft lines to straight articulate lines. Bold, straight lines enhance the wearer’s face and create intelligent, important, and powerful looks. Softer lines round out the wearer’s face, creating a more romantic feel. Gucci eyewear can move from work to play, formal to informal. Glasses are trendsetting and noticeable in any situation. From bold colors and shapes to a more minimalist look, Gucci eyewear offers classic yet modern frames with a youthful feel.

Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas offers a large selection of Gucci eyewear. If you are looking for adventurous prescription glasses or sunglass, the professionals at Broome Optical can help. Eyewear specialists will assist you in choosing the right shape and picking the best color. They will provide you with authentic Gucci eyewear that makes a big statement. You will know you have authentic Gucci frames because they will be presented in a box with the Gucci logo. In addition, there will be a case and a dust cloth. All logos will be evenly spaced and match the company’s current logo. Each pair of glasses will come with a card of authenticity in an envelope. The card will state the glasses style and color information and contain a manufacturer’s sticker. On the frames, you will notice the model number and color code on the left temple. Also included on the left are the lens and frame measurements. On the right temple, you will see the Gucci logo. All Gucci eyewear is made in Italy. The right temple will be stamped, “Made in Italy.” CE will follow, meaning that the eyewear meets European Conformity standards.

To find the best selection of Gucci eyewear in the Texas Panhandle, visit Broome Optical.

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