Oakley Prescription Glasses

Broome Optical, in Amarillo, Texas, offers a wide selection of fashionable and name-brand eyewear. Oakley is among the top brands found at Broome Optical.

Oakley glasses are popular due to their durability and safety features. Oakley glasses, especially Oakley sunglasses, are favorites for athletes and those spending lots of time outdoors. Oakley frames are well- known in fashion circles but offer more than just good looks.

Oakley frames are perfectly balanced. They utilize the three-point system to provide the most balanced and comfortable frames. Oakley frames sit firmly on the face. The wearer never experiences vision impairment due to the frames slipping. Oakley glasses are built to provide the sharpest vision possible. They also eliminate the pressure points common with normal glasses to create the most comfortable fit available. Oakley frames can be semi-rimless or full framed. Both types of frames are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

Sunglasses made by Oakley meet the highest safety standards. The lenses repel dust and moisture. As a result, vision is always sharp and clear. Oakley glasses are tested and built to exceed high velocity impact. Two tests are completed on each pair of glasses to ensure the highest level of safety. All sunglass lenses filter one hundred percent of harmful ultraviolet rays. The filters are built into the lenses instead of coating the lens. Light passing through the lens is corrected to reduce strain on the eyes. Oakley’s are more durable and last longer because there is no coating to wear away. Lenses are also available in polarized and iridium versions. These versions reduce glare for those spending time outdoors, especially on the water or in snowy conditions. Lenses are generally one of two main shapes. They can be rounded or squared off. Semi-rimless frames can feature either lens, but framed lenses are most often rounded. In addition to meeting high safety standards and being extremely comfortable, Oakley’s are also fashionable.

At Broome Optical, a variety of frame styles are available. Frames such as the Switch-lock, allow wearers to change lenses quickly for clear vision in a variety of settings. Like lenses, frames can be found in a wide variety of colors. Oakley’s are elegant. They are offered in a wide range of cuts and styles. They combine function with fashion. They compliment both men and women. At Broome Optical, athletes can find the best Oakley glasses for their sporting needs. Oakley’s have a variety of sport-specific styles available. Some styles have a coating that prevents rain and sweat from impairing vision. They also prevent smudges. Contoured lenses allow better peripheral vision. They also offer side protection against sun, dust, and impact sports.

To find the best pair of Oakley glasses, visit Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas. The experts at Broome can help ensure the best pair of Oakley’s for whatever your needs. From active athletes to fashionistas, Broome Optical has the right Oakley’s for every situation.

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