Macular Degeneration Exam

Although it’s a top cause of vision loss in older adults, macular degeneration cause is not fully understood. Macular degeneration also has few distinct symptoms. A patient may complain of blurred vision or a dark spot in their line of sight. A loss of distance vision is usually one of the first symptoms to become noticeable. The first step in detecting this disease is being aware of the risk factors. Research indicates that they are both controllable and uncontrollable risk factors for this form of eye disease.

Uncontrollable risk factors include:


    Eye color




Controllable risk factors include:



    Exposure to harmful sunlight



Individuals at a high risk for macular degeneration should undergo eye exams for early detection. Optical Coherence Tomography is an examination technique that can possibly provide early detection of macular degeneration. In addition, Humphrey’s Visual Fields Analyzer and Retinal Photography can aid in the early detection of this eye disease.

High-risk individuals should also practice healthy lifestyle habits to maximize prevention. A healthy diet and regular exercise are two of the most critical preventive measures against this and other eye diseases. Proper diet and exercise not only address primary health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, but they also serve to control secondary eye health conditions, including macular degeneration.

There are also a couple of other ways you can boost your vision wellness to avoid potential eye disease. Experimental studies have published strong evidence that macular degeneration and other eye diseases may be linked to a vitamin deficiency. Patients diagnosed with retinal degeneration and/or macular degeneration should consider a daily Omega 3 vision-health fish oil supplement as well as a special eye vitamin formulation. Consult your eye care specialist on which supplements are right for you and where you can purchase them.

Macular Degeneration comes in Two Forms: Dry & Wet

Dry macular degeneration is the most common form of this eye disease. Only about 10% of people inflicted with this eye disease are diagnosed with the wet form. In dry degeneration, yellow deposits called “drusen” form in the macula. The wet version differs from the dry form in that it moves more quickly and occurs when abnormal blood vessels form under the macula. These vessels are weak and leak blood and plasma, causing dark spots in your vision.

Is Macular Degeneration Treatable?

There is currently no cure for this eye disease. However, staying informed about your family history and other risk factors is critical to early detection. The eye doctors at Broome Optical employ the best available modern technology to aid in early detection of macular degeneration and will work closely with you and your family to ensure every possible preventive measure is taken.

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