Dr. Jim Martin 04/01/2015

brand5.pngCan you get prescription lenses with Oakley eyewear? The answer is, in most cases, yes. Oakley Edge makes it possible.

Before the Edge, getting prescription sunglasses was a challenge, especially in stylish frames. Many frames could only handle thin lenses, which limited the strength of the prescription that could go in them. Other frames could handle stronger prescriptions, but the vision on the edges of the lenses would become thicker.

How Is Oakley’s True Digital Edge Different Than Other Lenses?

Oakley uses grooves and special fasteners that allow for the insertion of different lenses, and the lenses you put into those frames make all the difference. Oakley introduced the True Digital Edge a couple of years ago. This state-of-the-art optical technology allows for wrap-around sunglasses that do not have the thick edges of other Rx lenses. It offers thin, lightweight lenses that offer a clear, uninterrupted view with minimal distortion. They come with a minimum 120 degree view, which allows wearers to see peripherally.

To give clients the most options possible, Oakley offers lenses in a number of tints, including Black Iridium Polarized, Grey Polarized, Bronze Polarized, and VR28 Black Iridium Polarized, among others. There are dozens of frames to choose from to experience these advanced lenses.

These frames make it possible to wear Oakley sunglasses. This extends the sports performance options to more and more people who require prescription lenses. You can get configurations specially designed for road sports, play golf, out on the water, up on a mountain trail, or just for daily wear.

If you want to experience the Rx power of the Oakley Edge, stop by Broome Optical in Amarillo. We offer a full line of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses from Oakley and we will have brand-new styles available throughout the year. Experience the difference for yourself because at Broome Optical, we believe life is worth seeing. Be sure to stop by our Oakley trunk show on April 23!

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