Dr. Jim Martin 08/05/2014

american-football.jpgSports goggles are protective eyewear that are made specifically to protect your eyes during athletic activity. Sports goggles can be helpful no matter what sporting activity your child enjoys, it could be mountain biking, football, ice hockey, riding around on an ATV, or playing baseball. No matter what sport or activity your child is involved in, sports goggles are necessary to help protect their eyes.

Once upon a time there wasn’t much out there when it came to sports goggles and the information on why sports goggles are useful was quite scarce. Look around these days, though, and you’ll see all kinds of professional sports players wearing some kind of protective eyewear.

Why Should My Child Wear Sports Goggles?

According to the National Eye Institute, the leading cause of blindness in children is due to eye injuries. Add this to the fact that around every 13 minutes a child is admitted to the ER across the U.S. to have an eye injury treated. You can see clearly why protective eyewear is important.

The four sports that result in the most eye injuries are baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and sports involving racquets. However, this doesn't mean that other activities won't result in a major eye injury. Children's bodies are still developing, resulting in a lack of coordination and spacial awareness that quite often results in injuries of the head and face, including the eyes.

By having your child wear protective eyewear, you can reduce the risk of a sports-related eye injury by up to 90 percent. Choosing the right kind of eyewear is an important step in helping protect your child's eyesight.

How To Be Sure Your Child Is Wearing The Right Eyewear

If your child is active and enjoys outdoor activities, it’s a good idea for them to have protective eyewear as ordinary glasses will not protect your child's eyes from injury. The right materials and fit will help assure your child's eyes stay safe.

  • Make an appointment with your optometrist

  • Have your child's eyes tested

  • Have your child fitted for sport specific glasses

  • If sports goggles suffer damage be sure to have them re-assessed.

Sports goggles were once unattractive and bulky; however, with the surge of professional players now wearing them and up to date styles and materials, sports goggles can quickly become your child's favorite sport accessory.

If you’re looking for an optometrist in the Amarillo area, contact us today at Broome Optical. We perform cutting edge eye examinations to make sure you get the right prescription and fit to protect your eyesight during the big game. At Broome Optical, we believe “Life Is Worth Seeing.”

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