Dr. Jim Martin 06/08/2015

broome_blog-1.jpgBlink...your contact pops off. You put it back in. A little bit later, it happens again. If you have a contact that keeps popping off your eye, you need to figure out why it is happening.

Possible Reasons Your Contacts Keep Falling Out

Change in lens manufacturer or type. Contacts from different manufacturers may have slight differences in shape and material structure. If you recently switched the manufacturer or type of lens you use, that may be the problem. There may be just enough difference for the contacts to move out of position.

If the problem persists, you may need to talk with your eye doctor about going back to your old manufacturer or trying another one.

Defect in the contact lens. Manufacturing of contact lens is done to the highest standards. However, on a rare occasion, problems can occur in the manufacturing process. If you have recently opened a new box of disposable contacts and started having issues, the contacts in the box may be defective.

If you suspect a defective lens, have your optician examine the lens for defect.

Problems with the eye. Certain diseases and conditions of the eye can cause the eye to start to change shape. Keratoconus is one example. This condition causes the cornea of the eye to take on a cone shape. Changes in the internal pressure of the eye orb or a growth can also cause changes to the eye profile.

A sudden change in eye shape is something you need to see an eye doctor about immediately.

Prescription has changed. As your eyesight changes, the shape of your eye can also change. With enough difference, it can cause the contact lens to pop out of place.

If you are dealing with blurry vision, make an appointment to have the eye doctor see if you need a new prescription.

Eyes are too dry. The eyes naturally have a layer of tears on the surface that helps keep the eyes moist and allows the lids to slide easily over the surface. Contact lenses are held in place by this layer of moisture. If your eyes get too dry, the contact lens can come loose and pop out of place.

Switch to eyeglasses for a day or two. This will allow your eyes to return to normal moisture levels. Another option is to use contact-safe eye drops to add moisture to the eye.

If dry eyes are causing you significant discomfort, consider attending Broome Optical’s LipiFlow Seminar for Dry Eyes on June 16 in which we’ll explain and answer question about a procedure to relieve dry eyes.

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