Why Do You Need To Wear Sunglasses in The Winter?

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 02/07/2017

sunglasses-winter-scarf.pngJust because sunglasses are linked closely to summer doesn't mean you should forget about them the rest of the year. Eye care experts agree that they should be worn year round to protect against the harmful effects of the sun, including in winter.

While it's true that the intensity of sunlight is diminished during the colder months, the winter sun is lower in the sky and often shining directly in your eyes. The UV rays are weaker, but the exposure to them is higher. That's just one reason to wear sunglasses with all-season UV protection.

Here are some other reasons to wear sunglasses this winter:

Reduced Glare

If you live in parts of the country in which snow, rain, and ice coat everything outdoors, you know how bright the glare from these surfaces can be. It's often extremely dangerous for driving and outdoor activities such as skiing and snowmobiling. High-quality sunglasses reduce glare while providing safer, more comfortable vision.

Protection From UV Rays

Exposure to UV rays, no matter the time of the year, is associated with serious eye conditions such cataracts and macular degeneration. While everyone forms cataracts as they age, the process is accelerated by over-exposure to the sun. Quality sunglasses block 100% of UV, UVB, and UVC rays can help prevent such diseases.

Sunglasses Reduce Headaches and Eye Strain

The pupil of your eye cannot constrict enough to reduce glare to a comfortable level during extremely bright conditions. These conditions cause squinting that can lead to headaches and eye strain. Because sunglasses reduce the amount of light that reaches the eyes, your eyes are more comfortable, and you're less apt to feel fatigue.

Improved Vision

Your vision and long-term eye health depend on allowing just the right amount of light into your eyes. Too little light is just as bad as too much, while excessive glare causes "bleaching" of the retinas that reduces visual acuity. Wearing top quality sunglasses all year is essential for maintaining healthy eyes and vision.

Sunglasses Protect You From The Elements

Cold winter winds are often harsh and cause your eyes and contact lenses to dry out. Wind-blown particles may also get in your eyes and cause corneal abrasions. The solution is to wear close-fitting, full-coverage sunglasses that are effective in blocking debris and particles that cause eye injuries.

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