Dr. Jim Martin 08/14/2014

3736823_orig.pngDo you rub your eyes frequently? Do your eye issues persist even with over-the-counter eye medication? A number of common problems -- from eye allergies to a need for a glasses prescription -- make people rub their eyes. While it is instinctive to rub your eyes when they hurt, it can make conditions worse. It is important to get to the root of the problem in a timely manner to avoid prolonged suffering and potential long-term damage. The following list details just a few of the most common eye issues that include eye rubbing.


Do you have watery and/or reddened eyes? Are your eyes itchy? These symptoms may be pointing to eye allergies.  Consult with your Optometrist to determine a course of treatment.  There are a number of inexpensive over-the-counter and prescription medications that can significantly relieve symptoms for both year-round (i.e. dust) and seasonal (i.e. ragweed) eye allergies.

Dry Eye Syndrome

When the eyes are not able to maintain a healthy coating of tears, they become dry. Dry eye syndrome is more common among older individuals due to age related changes resulting in decreased tear production. People may also have dry eyes because of sun exposure, a dry environment, cold or allergy medications, smoking, and/or deficiencies in the oil or aqueous tear layers.  An examination of your eyes can provide an effective treatment regime, which can include LipiFlow.

Tired, Fatigued Eyes

There are any number of different activities that can contribute to tired eyes from long stretches of computer work to pouring over tiny print for hours. When fatigue from eye strain occurs, eyes can actually hurt or ache. Some people also experience blurry vision when their eyes are tired. When you bump your leg on a coffee table corner, often your first instinct is to rub it. The same thing is true when your eyes hurt.

Try to pinpoint specific tasks that are making your eyes tired and consider how you can break them up into smaller stretches of time. For example, six hours of computer work each day is less likely to bother your eyes if you take half-hour breaks from the computer every two hours.

Need For A Glasses Prescription

When children struggle in school, many parents and teachers are quick to assess academic skill sets. While a learning issue may be playing a role in such circumstances, many kids have a tough time keeping up with their classmates because they need glasses. If you suspect that this is the issue, have your child's vision checked.

Adults who need glasses may notice new symptoms like headaches popping up during daily tasks and activities and should schedule an eye exam.

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