Dr. Jim Martin 04/03/2014

cleaning_sofa.jpgMost people think of allergens as an outside thing, pollen being a common outdoor trigger for allergic reactions. However, most American homes have more indoor sources of allergens than you might think, and they can irritate your eyes. 

What are indoor allergens?

Put simply, indoor allergens are those produced and/or contained within a building, like your home. These are the allergens you are around all the time, day and night. They are the kind that stick around all year, instead of just being seasonal like pollen and ragweed.

Some common forms of indoor allergens include dust particulates, dust mite debris, mold, cat dander, dog dander, cockroach debris, smoke particulates, different types of cosmetics, and even pollen from indoor plants.

How can you get rid of indoor allergens?

There are ways to reduce the amount of allergens in your home. There are also ways to eliminate some sources for those allergens as well.

Wear a dust mask while cleaning. Dust, vacuum, and sweeping are just a few of the cleaning activities which will push allergens into the air. The dust mask will keep you from breathing those allergens in.

Vacuum the house at least once a week, using a HEPA filter. Vacuuming regularly helps capture the common particulates sitting on carpeting and furniture surfaces. The HEPA filter helps keep the finest particles trapped in the machine.

Use damp or treated cloths when dusting. Dusting with a dry cloth or feather duster pushes particulate into the air. A damp cloth attracts the particles and traps them in the cloth fibers instead.

Keep windows and doors closed. There are enough allergens in your home. Opening the windows and doors to let pollen and other outdoor allergens inside is not a good idea.

Avoid cat dander. If you don't have cats in the home, make that a permanent situation. If you do have cats, keep them out of the bedroom and wash your hands after handling them.

Eliminate dust mites. Use allergen-impermeable covers on pillows and mattresses to prevent them from making a nest. 

Wash bedding weekly in hot water to kill any mites.

Change your air conditioner filter regularly, and use filters designed to remove allergens.

Consider using an air purifier.

Taking these steps will help reduce the amount of indoor allergens you have to live with. This will reduce allergic reactions for every member of the family.

Who can treat my eye allergies in Amarillo?

If you are having eye allergies, but don't know the cause, come talk to us here at Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas. Our team of eye care experts can help identify what is causing eye irritation and provide a solution. Contact us today to make an appointment. 

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