Dr. Jim Martin 03/11/2015

1127284_orig.pngContacts offer patients with vision issues a wonderful freedom. Many choose contacts because they are involved in sports or prefer the look of contacts to glasses. When using contacts, one of the main concern patients may have is what kind of contact solution they should use. While this will be different for every user, there are certain differences between types of solution with which you should be familiar.

What Types Of Contact Solution Are On The Market?

There are two major choices to consider when looking for contact solution: multipurpose lens solution or hydrogen peroxide-based solution. Both work wonderfully at cleaning lenses of buildup from lipids and proteins.

What Is Multipurpose Contact Solution?

A multipurpose solution is great for cleaning and disinfecting contacts. Not only will this type of solution work to remove proteins and lipids, but it will also kill micro bacteria. As there is no rubbing involved, this is a favored type of solution for many as it requires less work.

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Contact Solution?

Hydrogen peroxide solutions are a bit more care intensive. However, these have been shown to be better for those with allergies or sensitive eyes, as they are hypoallergenic. The lenses are placed in a special container to soak in the solution for a certain amount of time where a neutralizing disc activates the hydrogen peroxide. After approximately eight hours, the hydrogen peroxide has disinfected the lenses and the peroxide has been neutralized.

This process may seem complicated to some. However, hydrogen peroxide based contact lens cleaner has been shown to be safer and more effective than multipurpose solutions. The biggest issue with this cleanser type arises when patients do not properly neutralize the solution.  

Hydrogen peroxide contact solution is toxic when placed directly on the eye. Converting the solution to saline must be done in a one- or two-step process. When the hydrogen peroxide is not neutralized it can cause severe chemical burns to the cornea. Not only will patients experience immediate pain, but they should see their optometrist as soon as possible. When using hydrogen peroxide contact solution, it is imperative patients be trained on the proper neutralizing procedure.

Which Contact Solution Is Right For Me?

At Broome Optical, we work closely with our patients to go through the difference in solutions, as well as offering care tips for contacts. Based on your lifestyle and health of your eyes, we’ll help you find the right solution to keep you seeing clearly.

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