Dr. Jim Martin 01/16/2014

slide-2.pngPurchasing prescription glasses and contact lenses is not always an easy task. People often aren't sure what they want or need. Even when they do know what they are looking for, they can't find something that suits their preferences. It can be frustrating to walk into store after store or browse one online listing after another and finding a limited eye wear selection. Whether you are looking for a brand new trendy style or a more classic aesthetic, at Broome Optical, we guarantee that we can satisfy every patient's vision and fashion needs.

Broome Optical’s Selection of Prescription Glasses

Broome Optical boasts a wide variety of brand name glasses including selections from designs Oakley, Michael Kors, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Coach, and OGI. We are constantly striving to offer high quality, highly desirable, and trendy eye wear for the whole family. Whether you are looking for glasses for everyday wear or for specific purposes, such as working at the computer or playing basketball, we will help you find what you need.

Can I Find Glasses Online?

Texas.OnlineOpticalStore.com allows you to shop for brand name eye wear right from the comfort of your own home. With an accurate prescription lens service and a streamlined ordering process, it is simple and convenient to purchase glasses that fit your budget and lifestyle. We know that customers expect a certain level of service, whether they are shopping in person or online. We offer the same high level of service online that customers get when they shop with us in person.

What About Contact Lenses?

The Broome Optical eyecare team is known for their ability to understand eyewear needs. They know how to match customers with theideal pair of contact lenses to meet their specific vision requirements. Our contact lens selection includes multiple colors and designs from soft and gas permeable contacts to hybrid and sclera contacts. You get to take advantage of advanced lens materials and designs to ensure that you get clear, comfortable vision with contacts.
Contact lenses have wearing time classifications that are as follows:

  • Daily wear (removal at night)
  • Extended wear (a week straight without removal)
  • Continuous wear (30 days in a row)

Specific vision problems (i.e. hyperopia), eye fit (curvature and diameter combinations), and additional medical conditions (i.e. dry eyes) all play a role in determining the ideal time classification for an individual.

Broome Optical is your one-stop shop for eye care in Amarillo, Texas. We offer cutting edge eye examinations and a wide selection of glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. At Broome Optical, we have a strong commitment to accommodating virtually any patient, regardless of age and vision needs. For more information, call Broome Optical at (806) 355-5633 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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