When To Schedule Your Child’s First Eye Exam

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 10/09/2017

mother-and-child-eye-exam-optometrist.jpgAs a parent, you want your children to have the best health possible. This includes vision. When kids can't see well, they may suffer from headaches and eye pain, as well as difficulties concentrating and a lower performance in school.

Researchers estimate approximately 10 percent of preschoolers have vision issues, and 25 percent of school-aged children suffer from vision problems. If your child hasn't had a comprehensive eye exam yet, it is something to consider.

The Importance Of Being Proactive

Don't wait to bring your child to the eye doctor until he complains about vision issues. Kids assume the way they see is normal. Your kid might have a problem with their vision that may not be identified except by an experienced optometrist. Additionally, kids are typically more responsive to eye treatment when vision and eye health issues are diagnosed early.

When The Eye Exam Should Occur

It is imperative that you schedule your child's first eye exam at the proper time. The early identification of your child's vision issue is essential to your child's vision, eye health and future.

The American Optometric Association reports infants should have a comprehensive eye exam once they reach six months. At this age, your little one should be able to see just as well as adults in terms of depth perception, color vision and ability to focus.

Subsequent Eye Exams For Children

Your child's body will change rapidly as he or she ages. Such changes also occur in the eyes. As you and your family get busy with school, it can be easy to forget or put off yearly eye exams. In fact, only half of parents in the United States take their children in for yearly eye exams. Unfortunately, the basic vision screening provided at school or the pediatrician's office is often not sufficient at catching eye problems.

Bring your child back to the eye doctor at least once every year for a comprehensive eye exam. Your optometrist will check his vision and monitor for amblyopia (lazy eye), one of the most common causes of vision abnormalities in children. At a bare minimum, your child should have at least one vision screening between age three and five for the detection of amblyopia and associated risk factors.

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