Dr. Jim Martin 12/23/2015

man_putting_in_contacts.jpgMost contact lens wearers know the importance of changing contact solution daily and replacing disposable contact lenses on a regular basis. Many lens wearers are much less vigilant about replacing their contact lens cases. Over time, bacteria from the hands as well as the surrounding environment collects in the case. If you keep your lenses in the bathroom when you aren't wearing them, the likelihood of contamination is even greater. Even with fresh contact solution, a single contact lens case can contain tens of thousands of bacteria.

How Often Should You Replace Contact Lens Cases?

The general guideline for contact lenses cases is to replace them at a minimum of every three months. You can keep them as bacteria free as possible in between changes by adhering to the following tips:
  • 1.Wash your hands with hot water and non-cosmetic soap before touching your contacts to avoid transferring lotions, oils, and perfumes to your lenses, which can result in blurred vision or eye irritation.
  • 2. Pour the old contact solution out and fill the case with fresh solution before replacing the contacts in the case each day.
  • 3. After you've put in your contacts, wash the case and then let it air dry upside down on a paper towel before you put the caps back on.
  • 4. Periodically boil the case in water for five minutes before rinsing it with solution to keep it sanitized.
  • 5. Don't let the contact solution bottle touch the contact case, as it can spread bacteria and contaminants.

Further protect your eyes and contact lenses by sticking to the following eye care guidelines:
  • 1. Put on makeup after putting in contacts and take out contacts before removing makeup to avoid getting makeup on your lenses.
  • 2. Keep your nails cut short with smooth edges to minimize the risk of damaging your lenses or scratching your eyes.

Contact lens and contact lens case maintenance may seem like a big hassle, but it is critical for eye health. Eyes are extremely sensitive to bacterial infections. When your contact case is dirty, your contacts may become dirty, leaving your eyes irritated and itchy after a full day of wear. Using dirty contacts can also compromise your long-term eye health. Replacing your contact case every three months and keeping it clean during daily use plays a big part in ensuring clear vision and healthy eyes for many years to come.

The experienced eye care team at Broome Optical understands eyewear needs. As such, we strive to find the perfect pair of contact lenses for each of our customers. We work closely with customers to determine their vision requirements and then match them up with contacts accordingly.

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