Dr. Jim Martin 12/03/2013

boy_getting_eye_exam.jpgEye exams are very important, especially for children. As your child continues to grow and their eyes change, their visual wellness should be a top priority. As a parent, you may be unsure as to when you should make your child’s first eye appointment. Below, we have outlined a plan to promote eye health at a young age.

When Should My Child Have His or Her First Eye Exam?

The initial eye exam will be carried out by your general practitioner when your child is a baby. As your child gets older, they will be referred to an optometrist.

Experts recommend children should have their first eye exam between the ages of 3 and 5. Children should have an eye exam annually. Children's glasses or contacts prescriptions need to be adjusted frequently as their eyesight begins to mature.

Why it an early eye exam so important?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) estimates that nearly 10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-age children have vision problems. That statistic is vitally important because it affects the way your child learns.

Good eyesight is necessary to develop spatial reasoning and motor skills related to learning. Your eyes are responsible for:

  • Vision both near and at a distance
  • Binocular coordination
  • Movement and focusing skills
  • Peripheral vision and awareness
  • Hand-eye coordination

Vision problems that stand in the way of learning can lead to frustration, difficulty completing tasks and homework assignments, headaches, eye strain, and delays in development.

In fact, the issue is so important that the time of your child’s first eye exam may be determined by the state. Many states now require a mandatory eye exam before your child can enroll in school. The earlier a potential problem is detected, the better a child responds to the treatment.

How do I schedule an eye exam for my child?

When scheduling an eye examination, choose a time during the day when your child is usually alert and happy. This will make it easier for the eye doctor to perform the necessary tasks and locate any potential problems. The specifics of the evaluation will depend on your child's age and needs.

At Broome Optical, many of our patients have been with us since they were children. Providing great eye care, no matter your age, is our mission. If you need glasses or contacts after an eye exam, we have a diverse collection of eyewear to choose from. To schedule an eye exam with our Amarillo eye care specialists, please click “contact us” on our website, call us at (806) 355-5633 or visit our office located at 3408 Olsen Boulevard in Amarillo, Texas.

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