Dr. Jim Martin 03/07/2016

business-people-working.pngComputer vision syndrome and digital eye strain refer to the same condition. Both terms describe eye and vision problems that result from the prolonged use of digital screens. The severity of computer vision syndrome tends to be in direct relation to the amount of time spent looking at a digital screen. In other words, the more time spent looking at the screen, the more severe the eye and vision issues become.

Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome

According to the American Optometric Association, the most common symptoms of computer vision syndrome include eyestrain, dry eyes and blurred vision.

One of the main causes of computer vision syndrome comes from the difference between looking at a digital screen and looking at a printed page. Looking at a screen causes your eyes to do more work. The reason for this is that the pixels that make up the images and text on digital screens require the muscles in your eyes to refocus continuously while viewing the information displayed on a screen; they do not have to do this with a printed page. The refocusing is imperceptible but you may be doing it thousands of times each day as you look at a screen.

Other common causes of those symptoms include poor lighting in the computer viewing area, viewing the screen at the wrong distance, and glare from the screen.

If you are farsighted, have astigmatism, or your focusing abilities are inadequate, these conditions may make your visual symptoms even worse when using a digital screen. Over time, the toll taken results in the collection of symptoms called digital eye strain. It is caused by overuse, similar to the musculoskeletal injuries that might result from playing sports professionally.

Diagnosing Computer Vision Syndrome

For computer vision syndrome to be diagnosed, you need to undergo a thorough eye examination.

Your eye doctor will take your history to analyze any symptoms that you are experiencing as well as whether you have any general health problems. They will also want to know about any medications that you are presently taking as well as any environmental factors that may be worsening your computer vision syndrome.

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