Dr. Jim Martin 03/30/2015

5944577_orig.pngThere is an Oakley coating to improve your vision, no matter your activity. No more dangerous, blinding glare while driving. Golfers, and fishermen, are not disoriented by glaring sun rays reflecting off water, limiting their vision. Snowboarders, and skiers, can race down mountains, without missing a beat, even though 80% of the sun’s rays are reflected back at them.  

Hydrophobic Anti-Smudge Lens Coating

Oakley's Hydrophobic anti-smudge coating is a permanent coating that protects the lenses from being impacted by precipitation, perspiration, or dust particles. The breakthrough optical technology benefits wearers in three critical ways:

  • Rain and sweat that contacts the coated lenses balls up and rolls off the surface, eliminating streaking.

  • Skin oils, lotions, and fingerprints are repelled by the coating, and easily wiped off – no residual film.

  • The coating eliminates static energy, the major cause for dust and other soil particles to be attracted to the lenses.

Iridium Lens Coating

Iridium lens coating balances the diffusion of light to optimize vision and reduce glare. Composed of superheated metal oxides, the Iridium coating is applied to the front surface of the lens. The coating is not reflective and does not affect the color seen by the viewer through the lens.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Oakley’s anti-reflective (AR) coatings enhance the ability of light to pass through it, rather than reflecting off of it. Typically, sunglasses reflect 4% of light from the front of the lens, and the lens’ backside reflects an additional 4% inside the lens. AR coatings eliminate glare and starbursts caused by light rebounding inside the lens.

1. Standard AR Coating: Oakley Standard AR Coating involves a succession of repeated coatings, with each layer impacting a separate part of the most common hues of the color spectrum. For polarized or tinted lenses, the AR coating is applied to the back surface of the lens. The backside coating makes it impossible for light and UV rays to bounce off the lens’ backside, and then into the eye. For clear or translucent lenses, AR coating is applied to the front and the back of the lens.

2. Premium AR Coating: Clear or transition lens are most in need of Oakley’s Premium AR Coating because it has more layers than the Standard version and encompasses a much greater segment of the color spectrum. This coating also makes lenses more resistant to scratches and more impervious to fog.  

Broome Optical in Amarillo can help you select the type of Oakley coating best suited for your lifestyle. Choose a pair of Oakleys because life is worth seeing. Be sure to come by the Broome Optical office for our Oakley trunk show on April 23!

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