Dr. Jim Martin 10/31/2014

business_man.jpgWhen you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, you will no doubt spend the largest amount of time deciding on the frames. After all, the frames are a direct statement of who you are. They will be planted squarely on your face for nearly all of your waking hours and will be one of the first things people notice about you.

Your choice of lenses, however, is usually an afterthought – and usually centers around whether you want them to get dark when you are out in the sunlight. This process is a bit backwards. You should be spending just as much time (if not more) choosing your lenses as you do choosing your frames.

Your choice of lenses will help determine the look and comfort of your glasses. The many options for lenses may seem daunting, but there are a few choices that will make a difference in the enjoyment you experience wearing your new glasses.

What Lense Materials Are Available?

Glass Lenses

While glass lenses offer some of the best optics, they are extremely heavy and make wearing glasses an uncomfortable experience. They also have the highest risk of shattering if dropped or something hits the lense, which could cause severe damage to your eyes. Because of this, glass lenses are rarely used in developed countries these days.

CR-39 Lenses

CR-39 are the first incarnation of plastic lenses. They were first introduced to consumers back in 1947 by the Amorite Lense Company, a California company. Because they were so much lighter than traditional glass lenses, they became extremely popular. They were also much cheaper than glass lenses.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Originally developed for use in Air Force helmet visors and “bulletproof glass” for banks in the 1970’s, polycarbonate lenses made their way into safety glasses and sports eyewear because of its ability to withstand high impact. This is still a very popular lense material today. This material is very light and is usually thinner than CR-39.

High-Index Plastic Lenses

These types of lenses will give you the most comfortable eyeglass experience. They are thinner and lighter than CR-39 lenses. Because of this, they will also allow you the most frame options to choose from.

They are also an excellent choice for very strong prescriptions. From an aesthetic point of view, high-index plastic lenses look the best because they are so thin. These type of lenses look better and are so light that you may forget that you are wearing glasses.

Your choice of lenses is just as important as your choice of frames. A company like Broome Optical in Amarillo can make the process of choosing frames and lenses for your next pair of glasses a pleasurable experience. Let our staff of experts guide you through the entire process.

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