Dr. Jim Martin 11/11/2014

Eye_Doctor_-_Glasses_-_Fitting.jpgFinding the right glasses for your face can often be a hassle. You have to take many things in account – face shape, complexion, hairstyle, eye color, personal style and many more. Sometimes your prescription even needs to be taken into account.

Face Shape

Having an oval face means you can pull off just about any style, but the best may be to choose square, rectangle or the retro upswept frames.

If you have a square-shaped face, the glasses to steer clear of would be the ones with hard lines. These may make your face look box-like. Make sure you balance out the proportion of your facial features.

For the heart-shaped face, where your chin may be much thinner than your forehead, it is best to choose frames that widen at the bottom. This will bring the facial proportions together by minimizing the width at the top of the face.

The longer, oblong shaped face will need large frames. If you have a rounder face, you need a wider frame size.

Construction Materials

Finding the perfect frames is not only about fitting your face shape; you should also take into account your lifestyle. For an active lifestyle, or if you are shopping for active children, ask about glasses with flexible frames and spring hinges.

Different materials, such as titanium or stainless steel, may help with any skin allergies. However, plastic frames may be the best for comfort if you have no reactions to plastic.

Color Palettes

By now, you have probably already checked out the different trendy and maybe even colorful glasses frames, another aspect to consider.

If you have warm, bronze-like blonde hair, it is often best to go with warm color shades, such as coral, light tortoise, red, or green. However, for an ashy, cool blonde, it is often best to go with black, blue, dark tortoise, or pink.

For dark brunette tones, it is usually best to go with dark tortoise, black, pink, or blue; however, lighter brunettes need mahogany or bourbon-like colors. If you have more of an auburn/red hair color, it is best to go with neutrals. For black hair, you need black, olive, or malt.

Also, remember to take eye color into account. To put it simply, it is best to choose colors that contrast with your eyes.

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