Dr. Jim Martin 04/29/2015

sunglasses_Ray-Bans.jpgNow that warm weather’s here to stay, sunglasses become a wardrobe staple. If you happened to be down a pair of sunglasses from last season, you might want to look into grabbing a pair before the sun starts glaring too brightly. Ray-Bans are a solid option for sunglasses enthusiasts and sun worshipers. There are a variety of different styles and lenses to consider, so we've collected all the information you'll need to know about Ray-Ban lenses before you pick up a pair.

Standard Lenses

Ray-Ban standards echo back to the early days of the company, with distinct original, vintage colors. The standard lenses were developed in the 1930s for use by the military (specifically for pilots). The lenses offer clarity, comfort and protection from the sun in traditional colors. Grey, yellow and green offerings are on the market now.

The legends collection, which speaks more to the stylings of the free-love 1960s, also come in standard lenses with vintage colors.

Gradient Lenses

In more recent years, Ray-Ban has expanded its offerings to gradient lenses. These have a fresh, modern look to them. The lenses come in simple gradients, which transition smoothly from a dark color to a light color, and bi-gradient lenses, which have two colors that fade into each other for a cool effect. Finally, the company offers a mirrored-gradient. While this isn't a style fit for everyone, it uses patented technology to combine a mirrored finish with a simple gradient design.

Mirror Lenses

Mirror lenses are hip again, and advanced technology makes Ray-Bans mirrored lenses something special. With greater comfort and better sun-resistance, these lenses can be worn all day long, hiding your peepers from prying eyes.


All Ray-Bans that utilize polarizing technology for long-lasting comfort have an anti-reflective coating, which makes them a great option for beach-goers and summer sport enthusiasts.

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