Dr. Jim Martin 11/04/2014

sunglasses_on_bench.jpgTransition lenses, sometimes called light-adaptive lenses or photochromic lenses, are eyeglass lenses that change color depending on the lighting in the room or outdoors. This coating, when exposed to sunlight, causes the lenses to darken. It blocks out the UV rays that would normally shine through the lenses. The lenses darken substantially within one minute of being outdoors. When the wearer returns to indoor light, the lenses gradually clear. There are several options available to those looking into Transition lenses.

Signature Lenses

These lenses create an optimal tint when outside. These lenses take the longest to activate but offer the darkest tint. They do not, however, activate when driving, as they need to be exposed to direct UV light when they are being worn. They can be used effectively indoors and outdoors, all d

ay and evening. They are the most versatile Transition lenses. You can choose your tint color, as well.

Vantage Lenses

These lenses, which go from clear to gray, are great for indoor and outdoor use. They darken quickly while outdoors and offer UV protection for the eyes. Indoors, they offer a mild tint to the lenses, which can be useful when using computer screens and sitting in intensely-lit areas. These lenses offer variable polarization, so they will change to deal with glare levels.

XTRActive Lenses

These are the quickest to activate lenses on the market, and they lighten up quickly upon entering an indoor space. They use a different process to activate, so how dark they get does not depend on the temperature indoors or outdoors. They also activate when driving, and will alter to reduce glare. These lenses also provide a slight tint when indoors and can reduce eye strain from computer screens.

DriveWear Lenses

These lenses should only be used when outside, or while driving. The lenses are dark, and darken more when exposed to UV light. They provide a dark tint, cut down on glare, and activate to optimal darkness over a period of five minutes. These are intended for drivers who have trouble seeing due to sun and road glare. They can be created with prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses. While these lenses are great for driving they will not replace your everyday glasses.

If you have any questions about Transition lenses, call Broome Optical today. They'll be happy to answer your questions and help you find a Transition lens that works for your needs.

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