Dr. Jim Martin 05/15/2014

1127284_orig.pngContacts are a popular choice for most people, especially if your are active. Keeping your contact lenses clean and disinfected is critical for preserving your eye health and vision. Contact solution is what contact lens wearers use to keep the lenses clean and free of bacteria. There are two common options to choose from: hydrogen peroxide solution and multi-purpose solution.

Do I Need to Use Multi-purpose Solution?

The simple cleaning process involved with using multi-purpose solutions makes them the most popular choice in contact lens solutions in the U.S.

A multi-purpose solution both cleans and disinfects contact lenses simultaneously. While rinsing and storing the lenses after using the solution is an option, most doctors recommend moistening the lenses first in the solution and rubbing the surface gently for 10 to 15 seconds to remove surface debris. Then rinse the lenses again with the solution.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Better Than Multi-purpose Solution?

Hydrogen peroxide solution is a great disinfectant option. This kind of solution has been around for decades and is proven reliable.

Many eye doctors recommend using a separate cleaning solution before disinfecting the lenses with the hydrogen peroxide solution. This solution also requires a neutralizer because unneutralized hydrogen peroxide can damage the surface of the eye.

This solution comes in two forms: one-step and two-step. The one-step option involves placing the lenses in a lens holder filled with hydrogen peroxide and a neutralizer. The two-step option involves placing the contacts in a lens holder filled with hydrogen peroxide, then rinsing them with a neutralizing solution. It is critical that all the hydrogen peroxide is neutralized before the patient puts them in the eye.

It’s also important to note, many hydrogen peroxide solutions tend to be a bit more expensive than multi-purpose solutions.

Which Contact Solution Is Right For Me?

Either solution would work for most patients. However, for most patients, eye doctors will recommend the multi-purpose solution. Its easy one-step cleaning process makes it easy for almost everyone to handle. For people who are sensitive to preservatives, optometrists may recommend the hydrogen peroxide solution since most of the multi-purpose solutions have preservatives in them. If you have dry eyes, many eye doctors will encourage you to use the hydrogen peroxide treatment. 

The best option for determining which contact lens solution is best for your contact lenses and eyes is to talk with your eye doctor. He or she can make a recommendation as to which solution is preferable for your situation. You may have to try a couple of solutions to find the one that cleans and disinfects your contacts without irritating your eyes.

If you want more information on contact lens solutions or need to make an eye appointment, contact the Amarillo eye care center of Broome Optical. Our optical shop carries top-of-the-line contact lens solutions and many brands of contacts. 

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