What Is The K-D Test?

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 09/19/2016

football-head-injury.pngConcussion awareness is on the rise for good reason. Concussions have the potential to limit one's ability to think clearly and feel like your usual self. One of the best ways to test for concussions is the K-D Test, officially called the King-Devick Test.

What’s The K-D Test All About?

The K-D Test is an accurate and totally objective means of screening an individual for a concussion. Often used on the sidelines of sporting events, the K-D Test can be performed by just about anyone, whether it is a parent, athletic trainer, coach or medical professional. The test takes minimal training for proper administration and can be completed in two minutes or less. The test will indicate whether the individual in question requires medical attention.

How The K-D Test Works

The K-D Test makes use of contemporary technology to gauge whether one has suffered a concussion. At the start of a sports season, K-D Test users create pre-injury scores on either an Android tablet or an iPad. When a particularly hard hit occurs or when there is suspicion of a concussion, the K-D Test is applied to determine whether the athlete has been concussed. If the test indicates that a concussion has occurred, the athlete should be immediately removed from the field of play and taken to a medical professional for a comprehensive evaluation.

The test is designed to gauge one's mental clarity through a speed reading of test card numbers. The athlete verbalizes these single digit numbers in a rapid-fire manner. As he reads the numbers aloud, the K-D Test tracks his eye movements to determine if he is impaired. It also monitors his language, attention and other factors involved with brain functions.

K-D Test Background

The K-D test has reached a mainstream tipping point because of its accuracy. It first debuted in 2011. Its merit has since been validated in an array of articles published in neurology and medical journals. Those who work in athletics and medicine agree that the K-D Test is one of the most effective concussion screening tests on today's market.

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