Dr. Jim Martin 11/08/2013

eye_drops_1.jpgRestasis is used to treat chronic dry eye. Unlike artificial tears; Restasis is available by prescription only. The drug has been around since 2002. It works to increase tear production that may be inhibited due to inflammation on the surface of your eye. This article will give you some background information on the product Restasis and how it works to treat chronic dry eye syndrome.

How to Use Restasis?

According to Amarillo eye care professionals, these specially-formulated eye drops should be used twice a day, 12 hours apart. It can take several months for the drug to improve your tear production as well as the quality of your tears. The average time frame to see the improvements is six weeks to three months.

Given the response rate of the drug; it's not harmful to your eye if you miss a dose or two along the way, but try to remain on a dosage schedule that is as consistent as possible so that you get the full benefit of the drug therapy. The effects are long-lasting once the initial boosting period has passed, but this prescription may not be right for everyone.

Restasis shouldn't be used on patients with:

  • Chronic eye infections
  • A hypersensitivity to ingredients
  • Herpes viral infections of the eye
  • Past history of Herpes viral infections of the eye

When used properly, the drug relieves dry eye in most cases.

How is Restasis different from other dry eye products on the market?

The moisture in your eye is made up of three basic layers:

1.      Water
2.      Oil
3.      Mucus

These fluids have to stay in balance for your eye to be properly lubricated.

An Amarillo eye care specialist can evaluate your symptoms of dry eye and determine if Restasis is the right treatment for you. Unlike other products on the market; Restasis does more than simply wet the eye or reduce the effects of allergies. The product actually changes the chemical reaction in your eye so that inflammation slowly reduces over time and tear production increases allowing the moisture within your eye to stay balanced.

If your individual case of dry eye syndrome is related to allergies or eye strain, talk to a local Amarillo eye doctor about your treatment options. It is very important to make sure your eyes stay chemically balanced to avoid vision problems and internal structural damage. Chronic dry eye syndrome requires long-term treatment.

AtBroome Optical, we believe “Life is worth seeing.” Dry eye is very common in West Texas, and the eye care specialists at Broome Optical are extremely experiencing in diagnosing and treating dry eye. Please click “contact us” on our website, call us at (806) 355-5633 or visit our Amarillo eye care professionals located at 3408 Olsen Boulevard in Amarillo, Texas.

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