Dr. Jim Martin 03/07/2014

6988288_orig.jpgEvaporative dry eye is a common problem people deal with year round. This condition happens when the tear layer of the eye dries faster than normal. Doctors have a few options for diagnosing this condition. One diagnosis option is with the LipiView system.

What is LipiView?

LipiView is a diagnostic system developed by TearScience, a company specializing in diagnosis and treatment of evaporative dry eye.

The LipiView is an interferometer. This produces a special light pattern on the oil layer of the tear film, allowing the thickness and quality of the tear film to be analyzed. 

The system also evaluates the patient's blinking pattern, which can impact the evaporation rate of the tear film lipid layer.

How does an eye doctor use the data from the LipiView system?

Eye doctors use this system in conjunction with two other systems. The Meibomian Gland Evaluator examines the lipid secretions of the meibomian gland. Blocked meibomian ducts are a major cause of evaporative dry eye. The other system is the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation system, which treats blocked meibomian ducts.

From the information gathered by the LipiView system, the optometrist can decide if evaporative dry eye is present, whether the meibomian glands are blocked, and if the LipiFlow system is a good treatment option.

Is LipiView a good option for me?

If you are dealing with ongoing issues with dry eyes, you should speak to your eye doctor about LipiView. Living with constantly dry eyes is miserable. Patients deal with increased eye fatigue, watering eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and other uncomfortable symptoms, in addition to dryness. While complications with dry eyes are rare, some possible complications include an increased risk for eye infections, scarring on the surface of the eyes, and a decreased quality of life.

If you are suffering from ongoing dry eyes, make an appointment to see one of the eye doctors at Broome Optical. We are one of the only places in Amarillo and the entire Texas Panhandle to offer the LipiView and LipiFlow systems. Don't let dry eyes prevent you from enjoying the things you love. Take action and call us today.

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