Dr. Jim Martin 05/26/2015

9118065_orig.pngIf you are looking to wear your glasses less and you would like to opt for contact lenses, it’s important to make a special contact lens fitting appointment with your eye care specialist. 

Choosing the right contact lenses for your eyes and getting the right fit is important when it comes to clear vision. You will also need to learn how to correctly take care of your contact lenses, so that you can protect your eyes from infections.

Here is what you can expect to happen at a contact lens fitting:

  • When you attend your initial contact lens appointment, your eye care specialist will evaluate your eyes for contact lens wear, which is a little different than a routine eye exam. Your eye specialist will spend time focusing on any health issues that could interfere with contact lens wear.

  • Once you’ve completed your initial evaluation, your eye care specialist will recommend a lens that best suits your individual needs. The curve, thickness, and diameter of the lens will all be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the right lens for your eyes.

  • Next, you will have the contact lenses that were chosen for you, carefully fitted. This is to make sure that the lenses that were chosen fit your eyes correctly and feel comfortable on your eyes.

  • You will also get instructions on how to care for your contacts. It is important to know how to clean, store, and handle your contacts correctly. Incorrect use may cause eye infections and cause your contacts to quickly become uncomfortable.

  • Once you have worn your contacts for a short period of time, your eye specialist will call you back in for a follow up appointment. At this appointment, you should discuss how the lenses feel and if you are having any problems with them.

When you have your contact lenses properly fitted, you are more likely to have a successful experience, allowing you to wear your contacts more and your glasses less.

If you are looking for an eye specialist in the Amarillo area that can help make your transition to contact lenses easier, contact the team at Broome Optical today. Our team of specialists can help you with all of your eye care needs, including assessing you for contact lessons.

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