What Constitutes An Eye Emergency?

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 01/03/2017

eye-injury.pngIf you experience a serious problem with your eyes, it is imperative that you see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Even a minor issue could be an indication that a serious eye malady is on the horizon. Don't underestimate any sort of pain, vision alteration or physical change in your eyes.

Signs Of Trouble

Do not wait for your comprehensive eye examination to roll around if you feel as though something is going on with your eyes. You should feel perfectly comfortable reaching out to your eye doctor if you experience blurred vision in one or both eyes. Blurry vision is a sign that you might have a more serious health problem such as diabetes.

If you notice an influx of eye floaters, flashes or have a loss of side vision (or total vision), you might be suffering from acute retinal disease. This disease requires immediate medical attention.

Any type of considerable pain in the aftermath of eye surgery is cause for concern. Such pain requires immediate attention from a qualified eye doctor.

Eye Issues That Are Not Eye Emergencies

If your eyes gradually blur, it is probably not an emergency. However, blurry vision that develops over time should spur you to schedule an eye examination. The cause of blurry vision could be presbyopia, cataracts or a need for new glasses/contacts.

If you experience eye fatigue or slight pain, it might not be an emergency. These issues often stem from insufficient sleep or allergies. However, if the fatigue or pain extends for several days, reach out to your eye doctor so a comprehensive eye examination can be performed. The onset of headaches does not constitute an emergency yet they might be a clue that a vision problem is on the horizon. If the headaches continue beyond a few days, it is a good idea to have your eyes examined.

Broome Optical is proud to offer an on-call service for all of our current patients who experience an eye emergency. If you are a Broome Optical patient and experience any of the eye emergency indicators outlined above (or any others), don’t hesitate to reach out to our office day or night.

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