What Are The Best Glasses For My Face Shape?

Dr. Jim Martin 03/07/2018

Something many people dread is getting a new pair of glasses. The eye exa s easy to handle. Then, you have to go browse the frames available and you have no idea where to start. There are so many frames that it can be overwhelming, dozens of brands, styles, all at various costs. 

The good news is that you can narrow down your frame choices pretty quickly with this advice: Choose frames that complement your face shape. By picking a frame that complements your face, you'll most likely start to enjoy wearing glasses. Many people own several pairs of glasses to match different outfits or occasions. These days, glasses are accessories, so choose a frame that represents you and your personal style. 

Let's break it down by face shape:

  • Oval: People with oval faces have it lucky. Almost any shape frame works. Square, rectangular, or geometric shapes will sharpen any rounded features you might have. Do not choose frames that are too large for your face though.

  • Square: 
    Those with square faces need to avoid geometric or square frames. These shapes accentuate the angles of the face too much. Go with oval or round frames instead.

  • Oblong: 
    Individuals with oblong faces need to go with tall frames. When the frames are too small, they seem out of proportion with the face. Broad frames with an accented top also helps bring people's attention up to the eyes.

  • Round: 
    Those with round faces need to avoid round frames. Angular or rectangular frames help accentuate facial features. Horizontal styles help the face look longer and thinner.

  • Diamond: 
    People with diamond faces should go for an oval frame or one with an upswept style. Rimless styles are another option which makes the cheekbones shine. Avoid narrow frames that accentuate the narrow eye line.

  • Heart: 
    Those with heart-shaped faces should look for styles that draw attention down. Frames with accents along the bottom or with temples on the lower side are good. Narrow round frames work well to soften the forehead.

  • Triangular: 
    Individuals dealing with triangular faces (narrow towards the top and wide at the jaw) need to with top-heavy styles to balance the jaw line. Avoid narrow frames as they will be out of proportion with the face.

Personality and personal style also plays into your choice of eyeglass frame. If you want a bit of style in your frames, get it. If you like a retro style, you can easily find those as well in a cat eye or thick-framed glasses. 

Color is another way to make a style statement. Neutral colors and rimless styles blend into your face. Bold colors will make your style stand out.

Remember, your choice of prescription eyeglass frame will be with you for a while. Take some time to find the right pair and you will be happy with the choice. Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas carries a wide variety of designer frames and sunglasses, from Ralph Lauren and Ray-Ban to Coach and Kate Spade to Michael Kors and Oakley. 

Our vast frame selection caters to men, women and children, as well as a range of activities. Stop by our eye care center today tobrowse our glasses. Our friendly opticians and frame stylists would be glad to assist you.

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