Types Of Sports Goggles For Kids

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 09/14/2016

lacrosse-protective-eyewear.pngThis is the time of year when our little ones head outside for some much needed exercise. Most kids partake in a sport — basketball, tennis, soccer or softball. Yet most fail to don adequate eye protection. The unfortunate truth is that even non-contact sports have the potential to cause eye damage.

Safety Goggles And Safety Glasses

If you aren't exactly sure what type of eye protection your child should wear when participating in sports, you aren't alone. Few know that there are major differences between the different types of sports goggles for kids. When in doubt, always opt for safety goggles rather than safety glasses. The benefit of safety goggles is that they allow athletes to wrap them around their head for extensive protection. It takes much more force to knock them off compared to safety glasses that lack the wraparound aspect.

Sports safety goggles that fit snugly will also protect more of the face than comparably small and flimsy safety glasses. Don't worry about whether your kid will be able to see all the action when donning sports goggles. You can easily get them with his specific prescription. Or, if you buy large enough goggles, they will fit right over your child's glasses/contact lenses.

Eyewear For Specific Sports

If your child plays basketball, don't let him engage in on-court action unless he wears polycarbonate sports goggles. A wayward finger or elbow can do a lot of damage to the eyes.

Kids who play a sport involving a racquet (racquetball, tennis or squash) should also don polycarbonate sports goggles. Goggles will come in handy during doubles tennis when a teammate's racquet is errantly swung in a teammate's vicinity. If your child plays single tennis, traditional glasses with polycarbonate lenses will suffice.

Polycarbonate sports goggles should also be worn when playing soccer and field hockey. It is worth noting that field hockey goalies should always wear a full-fledged face mask for ample protection.

Those who play softball will benefit from polycarbonate glasses when fielding. When batting, softball players should always wear a helmet with a polycarbonate face guard.

If you have any question regarding the proper eye protection for physical activities, ask the eye experts at Broome Optical.

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