Dr. Jim Martin 10/06/2015

1849162_orig.pngEver wonder what it would be like to have a different pair of glasses for different situations? Or, having a pair that would suit your whim for a particular day? With the Dilem concept, fantasy becomes reality.

The Dilem Concept

Deeply rooted in the world of contemporary fashion, Dilem is a patented system of frames with interchangeable temples. Dilem has a passion for creative designs, unique temple patterns, and striking colors, and has created eyeglasses that are both multi-functional and modern.

How It Works

Simply remove the current temple from the Dilem frame and replace it with one of a different style or color. The process is quick, and the temples snap easily in and out of the frame.

Who They're For

Dilem is designed for men, women and teenagers looking for a different frame and design of their glasses. They are made to reflect the most current and cutting edge fashion trends, and allow the wearer to continuously revolutionize their personal style, as well as change their appearance to suit their mood. Imagine wearing glasses that are a perfect fit for the outfit you're wearing on a particular day.

What They're Made Of

The interchangeable temples are hand-polished and made from a durable, ultra-resistant engineered polymer called XP2. The material is strong, but also lightweight.

What Colors They Come In

With over 20 colors to choose from – whether it's lime green, tangerine, mango or chocolate – you'll have little trouble finding temples that fit your style and mood.

Who Makes Them?

Dilem is distributed and manufactured by the Oxibus Group of Morbier, France. Oxibus also has three other brand names: Oxibis, Exalto and Jooly. They are distributed to over 30 countries around the world, and known for achieving a perfect balance between shape and color.

For more information about glasses and the Dilem concept, contact Broome Optical in Amarillo today. One of our eye doctors can fit you with the perfect pair of glasses for optimum comfort and clarity. We'll be holding a trunk show October 13 with a sales representative from the Oxibis Group.