Dr. Jim Martin 11/12/2013

woman-red-eyes-allergies.jpgAnyone who has ever spent an appreciable amount of time in the Texas Panhandle knows that when the wind starts blowing that dry, Texas dust around, it gets into everything, including in your eyes. It’s no wonder you are suffering from the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. The truth is, dry eyes can result from a variety of factors, and environmental conditions are just one of them. The only way to get a true understanding of what’s causing your discomfort is to see a qualified Amarillo eye care specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Dry Eye Syndrome results in painful eye irritation when the tear glands are unable to adequately lubricate the eye. Under normal conditions, the surface of the eye is a very fluid environment because your tear glands are constantly depositing fluid to keep the eye lubricated and healthy.   

It stands to reason that arid climates and harsh winds, which are common in Amarillo, Texas and West Texas, will have a harmful effect on the eye’s ability to remain lubricated. For the same reason that you reach into your pocket every 10 minutes to pull out and apply lip balm to keep your lips from cracking, the eye will get dry when subjected to such harsh environmental conditions like wind or arid climates.

Is Age a Factor in Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a factor that needs to be considered as the body ages. This is because the ability of the body to manufacture tears declines as you age. As such, if you find yourself rubbing your eyes and feeling the onerous effects of red and itching orbs, you should speak to your eye care professional about available treatments to relieve the suffering you are feeling.  

For someone suffering from the annoyances posed by red, burning, and itching eyes, it’s probably of little account to them whether the situation has been occasioned by allergies or Dry Eye Syndrome. That said, while the two conditions present themselves in the same fashion, there is a significant difference between the two diagnoses. Speak with your optometrist to determine which condition is affecting you to arrive at the best treatment regimen quickly.

What Medications Cause Dry Eye Syndrome?

There is any number of prescription medications that might cause dry eye symptoms. Antihistamines, acne medicine, certain blood pressure medications, or hormone replacement therapy are just a few of the usual suspects when it comes to drying out your eyes. As such, be sure to discuss what medications you are taking with your eye doctor to determine what role, if any, your medication is playing in your eye discomfort.

Call the Amarillo Eye Care Experts

To get the very best information, diagnoses, and treatment of your dry eye condition, you should contact the eye care specialists at Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas. They have been serving the Amarillo, Texas area for decades with superior service, cutting edge technology, and compassion. They know first-hand how the Amarillo climate can affect your eyes. Contact Broome Optical today and an eye care professional can tell you about prescription medication for dry eye, as well as other treatments.

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