Dr. Jim Martin 10/21/2014

frustrated-working.jpgMany of us sit in front of a computer screen all day, only to come home and pick up another screen to relax with. This can be very hard on our eyes. Digital eye strain is a very real problem and can cause symptoms such as eye pain, blurred vision, headaches, redness, loss of focus, and double vision. If you’ve ever suffered from any of these symptoms, you will know they don't feel pleasant. There are things you can do during the day to help reduce eye strain and keep your eyes healthy.

Reducing Digital Eye Strain

These simple tips are all things you can do throughout the day to help reduce the symptoms of eyestrain.

Practice Taking Frequent Breaks - While leaving your desk is not always a possibility, taking a break from the screen is. Take a 5-10 minute break and focus on something that is not on a screen. Find an object across the room and focus on it. This can help relax the eye muscles and give you a break from the glare of your screens.

Blink More - Blinking helps re-lubricate your eyes, providing oxygen and also nutrients. When you are staring at a screen, your blink rate reduces, causing your eyes to feel dry and your vision may become blurry. Make an effort to blink more when looking at screens.

Wear Glasses - Wear glasses designed to be used for your workstation. 

Close Your Eyes - Just closing your eyes for a minute or two can help rest your eyes and help your eyes to focus clearer once you open them again. 

Turn Lights On - When you’re staring at a screen in the dark, it is actually placing more strain on your eyes. When you are looking at a screen, make sure you have sufficient light on in the area you are working in. This will help reduce strain and the symptoms that come along with digital strain.

If you are suffering from headaches, blurred vision, or eye pain, contact the Amarillo eye care specialists today at Broome Optical. We sell workstation-specific eyewear, in addition to other products, and can help your eyes and vision clear and healthy.

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