Dr. Jim Martin 05/13/2014

9118065_orig.pngDaily disposable soft contact lenses can be a dream come true to people who wear corrective lenses. They offer the wearer the convenience of contact lenses without the need to clean and care for them like traditional lenses. You may be wondering if daily disposable soft contact lenses are a good option for your corrective lens needs. The decision about depends on you, your eyes and your doctor's recommendations. Knowing more about these lenses will help you make that decision.

What are the benefits of wearing daily contact lenses?

No lenses cleaning required. Instead of taking the lenses out each night and cleaning them, you just throw them out. That means there is no time spent cleaning them and no cost for cleaning solution.

Schedule is easy to remember. Because you dispose of your lenses each night, you know to put in a new pair the next morning. No need to remember what day you should change your lenses.

Disposable lenses are good for eye allergies. Since you are using a fresh set of lenses each day, your eye remains free of built-up allergens and irritants.

These lenses are good choices for teenagers.
This solves the problem of making sure teenagers are cleaning and caring for their contact lenses.

Good choice for occasional use and daily use.
For people who want to wear glasses some days and contact lenses others, these lenses are the perfect choice since the soft lenses are easy on the eyes. This is also why they are great for daily wear.

Prevents damage to the eyes due to deposits. Extended wear contact lenses tend to get a build-up of calcium and other particulates, even with routine cleaning. With daily wear, this is no longer a problem.

Easy adaptation period. The soft contact lenses are much easier for the eye to adapt to compared to traditional rigid lenses.

Are there any drawbacks to wearing daily disposable contact lenses?

Soft contact lenses are not available for all prescription needs. Because these lenses are made for one-time wear, they do not have the durability of other disposable contact lenses.

One of the most important things to do before deciding if daily disposable soft contact lenses are right for you is to talk with an eye doctor. The doctor can determine what kind of prescription you need and whether the daily lenses are the best choice for you and your eyes. He or she can prescribe the lenses you need and schedule you for a contact lens fitting.

If you need a place to get your daily disposable soft contact lenses or need an eye exam, contact the Amarillo eye care specialists at Broome Optical. We carry many types and brands of disposable contact lenses. Our eye doctors have expertise in helping patients find the perfect lenses for their lifestyle and sight needs. Call us today to set an appointment or stop by our office here in Amarillo.

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