Dr. Jim Martin 09/01/2015

7918419_orig.pngPrevent Blindness America has designated September as Sports Eye Safety Month to bring awareness to the dangers of playing sports without proper eye protection. Research shows that more than 40,000 children and adults every year receive eye injuries while playing sports; most of these injuries are preventable.

Prevent Blindness America recommends everyone playing an active sport, such as football, soccer, baseball, hockey and racket sports, wear protective eye guards while participating. Below are some things to consider when purchasing safety eyewear for yourself or your children.

  • Prescription Sport Safety Glasses - If you have prescription eyeglasses, your eye doctor can fit you for a pair of prescription sport safety glasses. This will protect your eyes, without interfering with your ability to see.

  • Polycarbonate Material - Eyeguards made with polycarbonate are the strongest and most durable option you can choose. While this style may be slightly more expensive, they are less likely to break and provide the full protection your eyes require.  

  • ASTM Levels - The American Society of Testing Standards (ASTM) has created a set of standards for different sports. When purchasing your safety wear, always be sure to check the ASTM level to ensure it is appropriate for the sport you play. If you play multiple sports, only look for protective eyewear with a level of ASTM F803 or higher.

  • Proper Padding - Some athletes complain safety glasses cut into the skin. You can avoid this problem by purchasing protective eyewear that has padding around the bridge of the nose and on the brow of the glasses.

  • Anti-Fogging Safety Glasses - If you’re concerned about your eyeguards fogging up during practice or games, consider purchasing anti-fogging protective eyewear.

With the beginning of school also comes the start of sports season, which makes September the perfect month to purchase protective eyewear for the whole family.

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