Dr. Jim Martin 04/18/2016

oakley_youth_sunglasses.pngAfter years of research and experimentation, Oakley has released its new youth sunglasses line. There are two new styles of Oakley youth shades hitting the market: Quarter Jacket Youth Fit and Quarter Jacket Prizm Baseball Youth Fit.

The frames of the new sunglasses are specifically designed to rest snugly on youth faces. They also feature an interchangeable lens design that provides enhanced protection along with crystal clear vision.

The new Oakley youth sunglasses are ideal for those who enjoy sports and other outdoor activities. Both types of the Quarter Jacket Youth Fit rely on the precise grip of Unobtainium components. The frame is best described as sturdy yet lightweight. Go ahead and run around, jump, slide and sidestep without worrying about them sliding off.

In terms of vision, the Youth Fit shades are second to none. They are built with what the company calls “High Definition Optics.” This term refers to a group of technologies that help the lenses exceed the American National Standards Institute for optical clarity, impact resistance and visual fidelity.

The Quarter Jacket Prizm Baseball Youth Fit sunglasses rely on the same technologies as the regular Quarter Jacket shades. However, the Prizm component distinguishes them from the pack. Prizm is a lens optic trailblazer with decades worth of color science research. Prizm style lenses offer unparalleled control over light transmission. These lenses perfectly transmit color for the ultimate visual experience. Oakley has no doubt that kids of all backgrounds and interests will love the Quarter Jacket Prizm sunglasses. They are perfect for a day on the baseball diamond, a run at the park or any other outdoor activity in a sunny environment.

With any of the Oakley sunwear mentioned above, a customized pair can be made in your own prescription as well.

If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, we’ll help you find the best pair for your specific needs. We carry the largest selection of Oakley’s in Texas. Attend our Oakley Trunk Show this Thursday, April 21, for a chance to win prizes and browse the latest frame styles!

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