Dr. Jim Martin 04/23/2015

968641.jpgActive sunglass wearers are abuzz about Oakley Jawbreakers. The glasses were designed with the help of cyclist Mark Cavendish. Cavendish got together with designers to come up with a design that will both work to protect your eyes and grab the attention of those walking past.

Jawbreaker Features

What makes these glasses so great?  Here are some of the Jawbreaker’s unique features:

  • The increased size of the Jawbreaker’s lenses makes for excellent coverage.

  • The larger lens gives wearers a larger range of view.

  • The lenses in the Oakley Jawbreaker are made from the highest level of lens material, offering an extremely clear line of sight and view.

  • Easy lens changing is absolutely possible with the Jawbreaker’s easy release clips, allowing wearers to change lenses out quickly.

  • The Jawbreaker is optimized for cycling and is built to fit comfortably under any bike helmet.

  • Surge ports make for extra airflow, virtually eliminating the glasses sweat issue.

  • Available in a polarized option, wearers of the Jawbreaker can protect their eyes from 99% of glare.

  • Completely customized options allow you to get a seamlessly perfect fit, eliminating the need for different pairs of sunglasses.
Although these glasses were designed with cycling in mind, any sports-minded fan will enjoy the high-quality materials and ease of use these frames bring to the market. 

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