Dr. Jim Martin 04/06/2015

brands-bg.pngYou have different looks for the office and for when you’re out having fun. The only thing that remains the same are your glasses. They stay the same no matter where you go – until now.

With Oakley Crosslink frames, you can now easily switch out the look of your eyeglasses to match your mood or surroundings. Attending an office meeting? Your specs can look subdued and professional. Spending the day out on the golf course? Look cool thanks to Oakley Crosslink.

Customizable Frames

What makes Oakley Crosslink frames different from traditional frames is the ability to customize them whenever you feel like it. All Crosslink frames come with a second pair of arms that can be easily removed with the touch of a button. You can switch the more traditional gray arms for those with a bold splash of color.

But the customization does not end there. The Switch version of the Crosslink frames allows you to swap out different lenses, as well. If you are outside, you can switch in a pair of sunglasses or progressive lenses. After you return indoors, simply change over to your regular prescription lenses. Once you add in the colored arms, you will have a wide variety of looks to choose from.

What Is Unobtainium?

Anyone who has ever played sports or worked out in their glasses knows that as soon as you start sweating, they will start to slide all around your face. This makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Enter Unobtainium. Oakley has covered the eyeglass arms and the nose pads with a substance that becomes sticky once your sweat hits it. This ensures your glasses stay put while you’re enjoying your activity. Oakley has continually pushed eyeglass technology to the limit and Crosslink is no exception.

Wide Range Of Prescriptions

One of the main advantages the Oakley Crosslink frames have over traditional sports glasses is their ability to fit a wide range of prescriptions. If you have a high prescription with thick lenses, you know that many sports glass frames cannot accommodate them. Crosslink frames are designed to hold thicker lenses so these will truly be the only frames that you will ever need.

As with any frames, getting the perfect fit is imperative. But with glasses that you are going to be wearing both for work and physical activity, proper fit is a must. The professionals at Broome Optical in Amarillo will ensure that your frames fit you perfectly no matter what your activity level. Contact us to schedule an appointment and be sure to ask about our Oakley trunk show on April 23!

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