Dr. Jim Martin 06/11/2014

627851_orig.jpgMacular degeneration is a devastating diagnosis for patients, but advancements in treatment are making a difference in their quality of life. The secret is early detection and a commitment to ongoing eye health.

A Casualty Of Uncontrolled Risk Factors

Certain lifestyle habits, like smoking, can increase your risk for developing macular degeneration. The difficult thing is this kind of degeneration typically occurs with age.

There are two main types of macular degeneration:

Wet - a chemical reaction in the eye signals the production of extra blood vessels that grow and leak into the retina causing vision loss

Dry - hard, protein-like deposits build up under the retina, putting pressure on it and eventually distorting vision.

Signs of macular degeneration begin with visual distortion. That distortion leads to images looking blurred or wavy, muted colors and darkening vision. If not addressed quickly, your central vision will begin to gradually decrease. It may be difficult to notice the symptoms immediately because your eyes are designed to work together, so one eye will compensate for the degeneration in the other. Over time, both eyes can show signs of degeneration.

Freeze Time And Save Eyesight

While an eye doctor can't literally stop time, they can offer a medical treatment that may stave off the effects of advanced macular degeneration.

If the progression of this eye disease can be effectively slowed down, it can add years of healthy vision to a patient's life and the quality of life thereof. There are two approaches that make this outcome possible:

For wet macular degeneration, medicine is injected directly into the eye. These injections stop the harmful proteins responsible for retinal damage from bonding to one another and creating additional blood vessels.

For dry macular degeneration, vitamin therapy may slow down or halt the progression of the buildup of deposits under the retina.

These treatments are not permanent and need to be routinely repeated to remain effective. They do, however, allow compliant patients to benefit from the gift of healthy vision for a longer period of time.

Don't wait. Get evaluated and treated. Your eyesight is invaluable.

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