Keep Children's Eye Health In Focus This August

Dr. Jim Martin 08/13/2018

The month of August for many of us means that summer break is coming to an end and kid's will be back in school. August is also Children's Eye Health and Safety Month. With over 20% of school-aged children suffering from vision problems, using this month to remind you to care for your child's eyes is important.

Eye Exams Are Key To Healthy Vision

Eye Health and Safety Month is a good reminder that your child may need an eye examination. Many eye issues are not easily detected, but if you do witness any of these things happening with your child's vision, schedule an appointment immediately. These issues may include:
  • - Crossed or wandering eyes
  • - Family history of vision issues
  • - Trouble reading or focusing
  • - Continual squinting
  • - Drooping eyelids
  • - Inability to see or recognize colors
  • - Inability to see things far away or close up
  • - Covering one eye when reading
  • - Frequent headaches
  • - Avoiding reading

When it comes to healthy eyes, it’s important your child have regular eye exams from age 3 and up. Of course, if any of these signs show up before the age of 3, consult an eye care professional.

Prevention Stops Injury In Its Tracks

Another thing to think about during August is the importance of eye injury prevention. Each year there are over 42,000 eye injuries caused by sports and activities and a large percentage of this total are children. If your children are outside a lot or are involved in sports, have them wear protective eyewear. Also, teach your children about good eye health, including keeping sharp objects away from their eyes.

August is a great time to make an appointment to have your children’s eyes checked. With a full range of optical services, Broome Optical’s experts have experience working with children and will help make your child comfortable during their eye exam. Contact us today to schedule your child's eye examination.

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