Dr. Jim Martin 10/08/2015

9118065_orig.pngContact lenses are often touted as a better alternative for improved eyesight than glasses in certain patients. Not all patients do well with contacts, but many do. If you've been considering contact lenses, you probably have a few questions prior to committing to the switch, whether it is for yourself or for your child.

Is There An Age Requirement For Contacts?

In short, the answer to this question is no. Contact lenses can be safely used in individuals of all ages, however, many eye professionals will suggest that children under the age of 11 do not use contact lenses.

It is not that it is unsafe for them to wear them, but there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with contact lens use. Children under 11 are generally not mature enough to handle those responsibilities. Upkeep, good hygiene and eye care are all required for safe implementation of contact lenses and children younger than 11 may not be autonomous enough to take control of such an important part of their daily care. Some may be ready for the responsibility that comes with contact lens care at 10 or 11, while others may not be ready for the responsibility until they are in their mid-teens.

There is no maximum age for contact lens use, either. As long as your eyes are healthy and can safely carry a lens without discomfort, you can continue to use contact lenses into your senior years.

Are Contact Lenses Safe?

Yes. In many cases, contact lenses are safer for children and young adults to use than glasses when involved in contact sports, except in sports such as baseball, racquetball and tennis where a ball can impact the eye where all participants should be wearing some form of eye protection. Contacts are less likely to be damaged during contact sports, and are less likely to cause eye injuries from trauma. Contact lenses do increase the risk of eye infections, but these risks are generally neutralized with proper lens maintenance and hygiene.

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