Is My Makeup Hurting My Eyes?

Dr. Jim Martin 10/23/2017

woman-touching-face-mirror.jpgMakeup may make you feel more confident in the way you present yourself, but it can cause some serious eye issues.

Before you toss out all your mascara, take a pause. With the proper precautions, makeup can be safe to wear.

Does Makeup Hurt My Eyes?

One of the main issues with makeup is that it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria can thrive on your mascara wand, in your eyeshadow brush and inside your liquid liner container. The bacteria that grows in makeup can cause infections in the eye. These infections can cause short- and long-term damage.

A simple way to ensure your eyes are safe is to make sure you always have fresh makeup. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to not share makeup and to dispose of makeup when it is over a year old. Mark the purchase date on your calendar as a reminder.

Is Eyeliner Bad For My Eyes?

An additional note should be paid to eyeliner. Although you may want to exaggerate your eyes, do not apply eyeliner to the inner rim. A simple bump to your arm or loss of balance can cause the pencil to move into the eye and scratch the cornea causing vision damage. Also, particles from the eyeliner can make their way into your eye throughout the day, causing irritation.

What Other Makeup Items Should I Avoid?

When applying glitter or false eyelashes, care should also be taken. Glitter can get into the eye and under the eyelid, which can cause scratching of the cornea. The glue from false eyelashes can get into the eye, which can create burning and can block the tear duct. Both of these are fun to wear, but special care should be taken when applying them. Mascara should be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks in order to prevent eye or eyelid infections.

Eye makeup is fine to wear as long as it is clean and applied and removed properly. If you have experienced any issues due to makeup, contact our team at Broome Optical today.

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