Dr. Jim Martin 07/11/2014

blog-img2.pngYou inherited your dad's nose. You got your mom's hair. You got your grandfather's ears and your grandmother's chin. Did you inherit your eyesight from your family as well?

Eyesight is one of those things that we can inherit from our parents. Generally, there is a 25 percent chance that a child will inherit their mother or father's eyesight. When both parents have the same eyesight condition, the chances of at least some of their children having the same condition is higher. Some eyesight conditions have a strong genetic component while others are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors.

Let's look at four of the more common eyesight conditions that have a genetic component:

Myopia - Also known as nearsightedness, myopia is an eyesight condition strongly associated with family inheritance.  This causes items in the distance to seem blurry while things up close are clearer. The eye itself is longer going back to front than it should be.

Hyperopia - Also known as farsightedness, hyperopia is another eyesight condition associated with family inheritance. With this condition, items in the distance appear clear while items nearer appear fuzzy. Often with this condition, the eye is shorter going back to front than it should be.

Astigmatism - Many families have a strong tendency to develop astigmatism. This condition happens when the vertical and horizontal planes of focus do not match. The shape of the eye's cornea or lens may be distorted. Corrective lenses can help correct the problem as well as refractive surgery.

Amblyopia - Also known as lazy eye, amblyopia can have a genetic component. This condition usually affects one eye. However, in rare cases, it can affect both eyes. Lazy eye is where an eye is not able to focus as well as the other eye. This can be treated by vision therapy, eyeglasses, patching or a combination of these three.

The good news is that these conditions are all treatable. People live with them everyday. If you have one of these conditions, the best option it to talk with an eye doctor. If you have children, make sure they get routine eye exams as well. Early treatment will make all the difference in handling eye conditions like these.

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