Interchangeable Frames And Temples Offer Unending Possibilities

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 01/10/2017

DilemTrunkShowSocialGraphic.pngIf you wear glasses, there have probably been times when you've wished that you had a different pair for a variety of occasions. Owning multiple pairs, however, can be both impractical and expensive. That's why the Dilem concept — which can turn impractical into practical — is perfect for people who want versatility and style that's at their fingertips on a daily basis.

What Is Dilem?

Dilem is a patented system of frames and interchangeable temples that are multi-functional and rooted in the world of contemporary fashion. The concept allows you to remove the temples from the frame and replace them with a different style or color. It's a quick process in which the temples can be remove easily in and out of the frame.

High-quality, High-fashion

Dilem temples are made of an ultra-resistant engineered polymer called XP2 that's strong and lightweight. Dilem products are designed for women, men and teenagers. Dilem's unique technology allows you to revolutionize your style on a continuous basis - imagine being able to wear glasses that are the perfect fit for your outfit each day.

Dilem offers you a wide palate of color and pattern, whether it's tangerine, lime green or mango, to give you the freedom of choosing temples that fit your style and mood. They're multi-functional and fashionable and represent Dilem's passion for creative designs, striking colors, and unique temple patterns that you won't find anywhere else.

They're also updated frequently to capture the most current, cutting edge fashion trends.

Looking for more information about glasses and the Dilem concept? Broome Optical will be holding a trunk show on January 19 with a Dilem sales representative or you can come in NOW to get the unique look from Dilem.

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