Dr. Jim Martin 09/23/2013

rubbing-eyes.jpgIf you’re researching styes, you are probably quite familiar with these pesky eye spots. Styes are very uncomfortable and can become a serious problem if they are not treated immediately and thoroughly. A stye is similar to a pimple. But it is a pimple that forms right against one of the most important and sensitive areas or your body – your eyes. A stye will form just like any other pimple on your body. It is caused by an oil gland getting clogged up and infected. It can be very painful and must be treated with care.

Can I Treat a Stye at Home?

One of the simplest ways to treat a stye is by using heat, moist heat to be exact. To do this simply get a towel and place it in hot water. The water should not be too hot that it burns your skin though. Once the towel is heated up, wring it out to get excess water out and place the damp towel on the affected eye. This will help relieve some of the pain and irritation and open up the stye.

However, sometimes a stye can be more formidable and may require additional treatment. Stop by your local drug store and inquire about antibiotic cream for styes.

It is also advisable to replace all of your eye makeup. Styes can return if you use makeup that is infected. Once it has been cured you should consider replacing all of your eye makeup every four weeks, especially mascara. This will ensure that your makeup is clean and free from any infectious material.

My Style Is Still Not Going Away. What Should I Do?

If you still have a stye after 48 hours of treatment, or if the pain is getting worse, you should immediately seek the professional care of an eye doctor. The eye doctor may have to prescribe an oral antibiotic to take care of the infection.

There are a few things you should do while treating a stye. 
  1. Make sure you give your eyes plenty of rest. This means getting enough sleep and avoiding any unnecessary reading. If you use a computer at work, close your eyes for short periods of time throughout the day to give them a break.

  2. Do not wear any eye makeup during treatment. It is important to keep the eye clean and free from anything that may clog the glands even more. 

  3. Wear sunglasses when outside. This will give some much needed protection to your eyes.

  4. Keep your hands clean. You may be surprised how many times a day you touch your eyes. This can infect the eye all over again. Periodically wash your hands during the day with unscented hand soap.

Styes are annoying and painful, but they can be a serious threat to your eye health. While treatment can be a simple procedure and be performed at home, you should see an eye doctor nonetheless if the symptoms persist. The eye doctors at Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas can offer you treatment for your stye. Give Broome Optical’s friendly eye care team a call today.

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