How To Tell If Your Child Needs Glasses

Dr. Jim Martin 04/23/2018

One of the difficult things about knowing when your child needs glasses is that they might not know themselves. The vision they have right now is all they know, and “blurry” can be accepted as normal. But poor vision may be the reason for your child's poor performance at school, and it could be an issue that's gone undetected for some time.

Here are some signs that your child may need glasses:

1. Difficulty Reading
If your child skips lines or loses his or her place while reading, it can be a sign of a vision problem. Another sign is if they have trouble reading along when you're reading together.

2. Squinting
Squinting temporarily improves vision because it's like looking through a pinhole. When you peek through a small opening, the size of the blurred image on the back of the retina is reduced, making it clearer. Your child's squinting could be a sign that they're compensating for poor vision.

3. Sitting Close to the TV
Your child may be nearsighted if they sit extra close to the television, or have to lower their head to read. People with nearsightedness have clearer vision at close range, rather than at a distance.

4. Tripping or Bumping Into Objects
A child who frequently runs into corners and objects that others don't may have vision problems and not a case of clumsiness.

5. Tilting the Head
One sign of eye muscle imbalance is when a child tilts his or her head to alleviate double vision. Tilting the head may minimize double vision.

6. Covering One Eye
If your child covers one eye to read or watch TV, they could be blocking out the eye with the poorer vision. Covering one eye can also be a sign of double vision.

7. Rubbing the Eyes
One sign of eye fatigue is frequent rubbing of the eyes, and it can also be a sign of various vision problems. Conjunctivitis, an allergic medical condition, can also cause vision problems.

8. Frequent Headaches
Children with uncorrected farsightedness often get frontal headaches or brow aches because of their exerting extra effort to clear their blurry vision.

9. Excessive Tears
Children with an eye condition called lagophthalmos, which causes eyes to dry out at night, may have excessive tearing during the day that hinder clear vision.

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