Dr. Jim Martin 02/02/2015

Oakley_Product_banner.jpgWinter often means hitting the slopes for a little snowboarding or skiing. Though this is a fun, thrilling activity, it is important to put into context the danger it can have on your eyes. So, start this ski season out right by taking care of your eyes during the cool winter and trying out the tips below for your great skiing adventure.

Sports Goggles

Goggles will provide the most overall protection. They are designed to fit comfortably while moving at a fast pace. They can also fit over a ski helmet. While wearing goggles, you are not only preventing yourself from particles flying into your eyes, but you are also protecting yourself from harmful UV light, a glare, wind, ice, and wind burn on your face.

Specialty goggles with a prescription are an option as well as goggles that fit over your prescription glasses. Sports goggles are highly recommended for adults, but even more recommended for children.


Sunglasses will also help protect your eyes against UV rays, wind, glare, and some particles; however, sunglasses should only be worn if you are skiing slowly. Sunglasses can fall off easily and will not protect the rest of the face as much as goggles. With sunglasses, you can also get a prescription pair.

Other Considerations

Before picking out goggles or sunglasses, you will need to know what kind of weather you are hitting the slopes in. For a hazy, overcast ski day, you will need yellow or orange lenses. On sunny days, you’ll need an improved contrast by using gray, brown, or copper lenses. When it is partially cloudy out, it is best to wear rose, amber, or red lenses.

Regular glasses are not a recommended option for skiing or snowboarding. They have all the possibilities of falling off, like sunglasses and do not provide needed protection against UV rays and the reflection from the snow.

Make sure whatever option you choose is comfortable, light, protective, and that you are able to see a good distance in front of you.

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