Dr. Jim Martin 07/22/2015

8025145_orig.pngYour child’s ability to see properly is crucial to his/her success in school. Even if you do not suspect your child is having vision problems, he/she should have regular eye examinations to ensure there are no issues thatrequire glasses or other eye care treatments. Eye care specialists recommend that children have a professional eye examination prior to entering school, and on an annual basis once in school.

Your child may be a little apprehensive about going to the eye doctor, but there are some ways you can help ease his/her anxiety. Below is a look at few ways you can prepare your child for an upcoming eye exam.

Let Your Child Know What To Expect

Most people fear the unknown and if your child has never been to the eye doctor before, this will likely cause some type of anxiety. If possible, take your child along to another member of the family’s eye doctor appointment. This will give them the opportunity to see firsthand what happens during an appointment. If you cannot take your child along to another appointment, purchase a book that describes a trip to the eye doctor. Knowing what will happen during the examination can relieve some of the stress your child is feeling.

Be Prepared

The best thing you can do is be prepared. Bring along some activities, such as books, coloring books, and small toys, for your child to play with in the waiting room. This can make even a long wait more manageable. Your child may also want to bring along a special toy or stuffed animal that he/she can hold during the examination.

Stay Calm And Relaxed

It is very important that you stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Your child can detect if you are anxious about the appointment. Showing that there is nothing to worry about will help to put your child and ease and make him/her feel more comfortable. You should also bring a list of questions about your child’s eye care that you want to ask the eye doctor. This will allow you to focus on keeping your child calm.

With school right around the corner, now is the time to make an eye appointment for your child. Broome Optical specializes in family eye care services throughout the Amarillo, Texas, area.

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