Dr. Jim Martin 11/06/2014

Evaporative dry eyes affects 89 percent of patients who complain of blurry, gritty, or scratchy vision. The weather changes that fall can bring tend to aggravate the condition. People also note that they have difficulty when using the computer, reading and driving.

Some common treatments for dry eyes are prescription drops or warm compresses, but these solutions don't work for every patient. Ocular dryness is more than an annoying seasonal side effect – without treatment, this chronic disease will cause:

    • Permanent loss of gland function

    • Additional cell damage
    • Vision deterioration
  • Early diagnosis and treatment are vitally important to retaining healthy vision.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Dry eye is a medical condition that promises health and lifestyle consequences if left untreated. Your eyes are protected by a layer of moisture. This layer is made up of oil, water and mucus. During normal tear production, this mixture remains in balance so your eyes don't dry out.

There are two primary forms of dry eye syndrome:

1. Evaporative - deficiency in the oily layer of your tears

2.  Aqueous Deficient - deficiency in the watery layer of tears

A deficiency in oil production is due to deterioration of the oil glands. Since their tears don't contain enough oil, they evaporate faster, leading to dry eyes.

Are There Any New Or Improved Treatments For This Condition?

LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation has given most patients significant improvement in as little as four weeks.

The device is applied to the eyelid. Then, using a combination of heat and pressure, it liquefies and removes blockages in the oil glands. Essentially, you receive a 12-minute treatment per eye. It can take several weeks for this procedure to reach its full effect, but the results have been positive.

It's important to note that all patients who are interested in getting this procedure must go through a comprehensive evaluation from an eye care professional. Lack of oil is just one cause of dry eyes. It can also be caused by dehydration, eye surgery, and other factors. The root of your condition will determine how best to treat it.

There are different treatments available. LipiFlow is only recommended to treat the evaporative form of ocular dryness. Continued evaluation and follow-up will be used to monitor your vision improvement and health.

If you are looking for dry eye relief in Amarillo, Texas, we invite you to Broome Optical’s Dry Eye Seminar on Tuesday, Nov. 11 from 5:30-7 p.m. Optometrists and staff will be on site at the event, which will be held at Broome Optical at 3408 Olsen Blvd. Light food and beverages will be served. All attendees will receive $50 off per eye for the LipiFlow procedure. The procedure must be performed within two weeks from the seminar you attended.

Space is limited. To reserve a spot, please call Beverly or Carol C. at 806.355.5633.

At Broome Optical, we believe “Life is worth seeing.” Please contact us or visit our office located at 3408 Olsen Boulevard in Amarillo, Texas, if you have any questions and to find out how our services can and will satisfy all your vision needs.

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